What is the structure of the 4-week Workshop Launch Sprint?

Each Sprint is a mix of self-driven action and live, interactive events across each of the 4 weeks. In general this is how a Sprint happens:

At sign-up

  • You'll have access to a an orientation module to help set the state, plan dates and times for call, and get ready to go!

1 Week before start

  • The pop-up Facebook group opens and new lessons open in the orientation to help get you into the group and interacting with fellow Sprinters

Weeks 1 - 4

  • Sunday: content released
  • Tuesday: live co-working session with Leslie to get 'er done, hosted via Zoom
  • Wednesday: live Q&A with Sarah & Justin to get over hurdles and take action, streamed live to the Facebook group (with replays available immediately afterwards)
  • regularly: interaction with fellow group members, Sarah & Justin, and the WUTF team happen inside the Facebook group
  • regularly: email notices, updates, encouragement and info are sent out so even if you aren't in Facebook, you won't miss a beat!

1 week after the Sprint ends

  • The pop-up group closes
  • After the 4 weeks are completed, you'll be moved into a new evergreen version of the product, so the content is available to you indefinitely into the future, to revisit as you need it.

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