I'm getting an error when trying to complete my purchase.

Sometimes it's hard to say why perfectly acceptable payment information doesn't complete. Here are the 2 most common causes and solutions:

  • Low funds: Easiest culprit, but have to mention it! We charge in USD, which also may throw off balance totals when it converts into your local currency. Double check your card balance in this case.
  • Fraud protection: The way Kajabi (our checkout platform and product library) functions, each product purchase is considered a separate transaction. Which means if you, for example, purchase Mini Workshop Magic and also choose to hop into the live Workshop Launch Sprint, a bank will see two transactions happening almost simultaneously. In some instances, they block the second transaction in their best efforts to keep fraud at bay. The two solutions here are to 1. let your bank know purchases from Wake Up To Freedom are clear to go through. 2. Reach out to friends@wakeuptofreedom.com. We can assist with separate checkout links if you need them again. 

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