What's the difference between the original Mini Workshop Magic and Mini Workshop Magic 2.0?

After thousands of sales and multiple Live Sprints, we used those experiences and feedback to update Mini Workshop Magic into what it is now — Mini Workshop Magic 2.0

If you have the original version there is no need to grab the updated version. The original version still gets the job done!

However, if you’re curious about the differences, more than anything, the new version is actually simpler, shorter, and more streamlined. In fact, there are strategies we talk about in the original version that we’ve cut out of the new version!

We wanted to give people a faster path to launching a workshop ASAP, so we cut some of the bells & whistles and really focused on the stuff that moves the needle.

The handouts are also updated, based on what’s working right now. That being said, again, we cut some of the bonuses for simplicity’s sake to make launching that much easier for folks.

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