Can you help me build a backend offer?

There are many different types of backend offers — 1-on-1 consulting or coaching, memberships, DFY work, a full course, etc and you name it. We aren't experts on all of those and don't have any offers or training that go in depth into the specifics of building each different type of signature offer. 

Two options you might consider though, include...

  1. Instant Upgrade Sprint. This Sprint is held only a few times per year. During this Sprint, Sarah and Justin help you create and launch your Instant upgrade in just 5 days, supported with daily Q&A's. The focus is on brainstorming the idea and making it a sellable offer, not on building the full mechanics of the delivering the signature offer itself.
  2. Freedom Hotline. Our Freedom Hotline with Sarah and Justin is where you can ask questions around your backend/signature offer and even discuss ways of improving your conversion rates. Spots are limited so it’s not guaranteed. If you’d like to learn more, you can head here and fill out an application form if you’re interested.

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